Van Persie and the little boy in him

Like most Arsenal fans I watched in amazement as Van Persie told the world how thrilled he was about joining Manchester United. He said he wasn’t motivated by money but by ambition, infact he made it sound like it wasn’t really up to him, he blamed it on the little boy in him who kept screaming Manchester United.

As he went on and on I began to ask a few questions. When did the little boy startscreaming Manchester United? Before or after Euro 2012? Was it after the meeting with Wenger and the board? Did he scream any other names? City? Juventus?

I woke up this morning wondering whether the little boy in him is friends with the little boy in Alex Song and whether he can tell us when Song is off to Barcelona? Can he find out if the little boy in Song has been screaming Barcelona? Does he know what the little boy in Walcott is saying? Is he screaming Chelsea?

Can he also please tell the little boys in Djourou and Squillaci to ask their hosts to put in transfer requests? Please little RVP, tell the little boy in Bendtner to tell Bendtner that the fans can’t wait for him to leave.

I wonder if he did get a chance to meet the little boys in Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud? If he did then what did he say? What language did he speak in? Did he just shout Manchester United repeatedly?

Now I know why Van Persie didn’t go to Manchester City, the little boy in him was scared of the little rascals in Balotelli and Tevez, probably felt safer with the little ogre in Rooney. But he needs to be careful, the little boys in Welbeck and Hernandez can’t be too happy with his arrival. I guess now that he lives in Manchester he will get a chance to meet his other greedy little friends called little Nasri, little Clichy and little Toure. I wonder what they will talk about.

As I look forward to the start of the premier league, I can only imagine what that little boy in Van Persie must be like, he must be a spoilt rotten brat, a disloyal and ungrateful little thing, just like his host. They are one of a kind, infact they are the same, the little boy is Van Persie and Van Persie is the little boy.

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