Favourite Song

Like most kids growing up in Nigeria in the 70’s I grew up around music, from listening to “King” Sunny Ade and “Commander” Ebenezer Obey in my father’s car as a 6 year old, to listening to the Bee Gees and Teddy Pendergrass being played at home. In between, it was our neighbour blaring Bob Marley from his flat, my favourite Bob Marley song then was “Who the cap fit”. As I grew older, I grooved tosongs by Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, Yellowman and Evelyn King. Some of their songs became favourites of mine. Over the years my list of favourite songs grew, with each year and new genre came a new favourite song. My favourite song at the moment is “Girl” by Bracket featuring Wizkid.

Until recently my favourite Song was the one from Cameroon, he played midfield for Arsenal and was called Alex Song, his uncle played for Liverpool and West Ham (Was not a great Song in my opinion). All through last season this Song (Alex, that is) played fine, no glitches, but then this Song is a modern day footballer and in their world it’s money talks or they walk.

Arsenal’s money didn’t talk so this Song chose to walk, straight to Barcelona’s bench. I say this because the jury is still out as to whether this Song will be played as often as this Song expects to play, time will tell. It will be sad not to see my former favourite Song playing at the Emirates this season, but such is life, as a club Arsenal must live within it’s means like every “normal” business.

What has since come out is that Song wanted to renegotiate his contract which to the club meant “I want more money”, the club was not ready to do this since he still had 3 years left on his contract. This is the reality of modern day football or modern day slavery depending on how you look at it.

I still remember Christiano Ronaldo describing himself as a modern day slave because Manchester United refused to sell him to Real Madrid. He said he agreed with Sepp Blatter and felt like a modern day slave, this was while earning £120,000 a week. Really? For £120,000 a week I would let you whip me, put chains on me (Gold ones though), change my name to Toby and sign a contract that would allow you to chop my foot off if I tried to leave the club. The only thing I won’t do is call the manager “Massa”, but then again we are talking about £120,000 a week, you just never know.

The truth is that football has gone mad and I have come to terms with the fact that my once favourite Song will not play at Arsenal in the Premier League this season.

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